Last week, Year 12 historians were fortunate enough to attend an A Level-focused Tudor History Conference at the Camden Centre in London. The day was extremely insightful and provided a unique opportunity for students to further engage with their subject and hear from highly respected historians.

Enthused by his subject - Dr David Starkey
Dr John Guy explains the intricacies of the reign of Edward VI

With speakers such as Dr John Guy, Professor John Morrill and Dr David Starkey, the conference was invaluable. All three of these historians are exceedingly knowledgeable and have written various key texts about the Tudors. The fact that we were able to hear directly from them about their most current ideas, conclusions and opinions, with a few exclusive and unpublished details included too, meant that we came away from the event with a greater understanding of the A Level course as well as some impressive additional content for our essays.

So far in our History lessons, Year 12 have been looking closely at the reign of Henry VII which meant that the final lecture of the day on that particular monarch, from an animated Dr David Starkey, was extremely relevant. However, the other talks on Edward VI, Mary Tudor and Henry VIII's break with Rome, all covered topics which we will be studying shortly meaning that when we do start looking at them, we will already be a little familiar with the topics thanks to the conference.

The day was a huge success, with Sam Fernandez stating that 'it was incredibly interesting and very relevant to the A Level course' and Joe Turrell going as far as saying 'it was a pretty glorious opportunity to learn from the most eminent contemporary Tudor historians'. A huge thanks must go to the History Team for organising such a worthwhile trip.