Latest scores from the House Competition

House Football is possibly the most popular house event and this year was no exception as over 400 students across Years 7 to 11 participated in some fiercely fought matches. The 7-a-side nature of the competition meant that rolling substitutions kept players fresh and energetic.

Despite the best effort of strikers, several results did not reflect how tense the games were, with many ending in a 0-0 draw. One prominent example of this was the Year 11 match between Holman and Pearson: the two teams went on to finish 6th and 1st respectively yet the match between them in the group stages ended only 1-0, with Pearson sneaking a victory despite a heroic defensive performance from Holman. Despite the sheer number of shots Pearson took, it was thanks to some excellent goalkeeping and a solid Holman defence that collateral damage was kept to a minimum.

The overall standings show Holman being the overall victors, emerging triumphant in the Year 9A, 9B and Year 10 competitions. Despite Rayner being the victors of the Year 7A contest, Newman and Pearson were the best of the rest, with Pearson winning the Year 11 and 8A finals and Newman winning the 8B competition and narrowly defeating Rayner in the 7B finals, where Rayner were unable to recreate the brilliance that took them to the top of the table in the group stages.

Congratulations to all students who participated this year.