Over the past two months, some of the students in Year 10 have been preparing for one of four aspects of their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award: the expedition. Before Easter, they took part in a training day at school to prepare them for the gruelling challenges ahead.

On 16th April the boys set out on their practice expedition. Over the two days they learned some vital skills including navigating, pitching tents and most importantly cooking! Come Sunday they awoke to find that some of the tents had frozen over. After hiking past Whipsnade Zoo they arrived back that afternoon prepared for their final expedition.

Unfortunately for the boys, their end of Year Biology exam was set for 6th May, the morning of the expedition. They all completed the exam and immediately as they set off from Berkhamsted War Memorial, the weather turned almost tropical. By the end of the day the boys were forced to strip down to shorts and t-shirts. As they traversed the countryside, covering an average of 20km per day, the boys enjoyed the beautiful scenery, from woodlands enveloped in bluebells to canal walks to even the odd herd of deer.

Once arriving at Green Park campsite for both supper and breakfast the boys enjoyed a variety of edible delights including much-loved boil-in-the-bag meals and gloopy but surprisingly filling instant porridge. After yet another of day of blistered feet and sore shoulders, the boys belatedly reappeared on Saturday, eager to get some sleep.

I would like to thank Mr Deadman and the Outdoor Education Team at Berkhamsted School for organising the expeditions.

Ready to depart