Year 7 went on a visit to The Crystal, one of the world's most sustainable buildings. The Crystal is placed next to the O2 arena in the famous London Docklands. The Crystal, hence the name, is a crystal like building fitted with solar panels, friction pads and tesla coils. The building is a pioneering project funded and built by Siemens.

The Crystal - Brendan Frank, Year 7

All of the exhibits were fully interactive, including electric sports cars, creating sustainable cities and comparing major countries on energy consumption. All of these were available for the Year 7s to use and experiment with. Students began the exhibition by undertaking a tour around each individual exhibit, later they had free reign, in small groups, to explore the massive exhibition.

Go Electric - Brendan Frank, Year 7
Things that Matter - Brendan Frank, Year 7
Forces of Change - Brendan Frank, Year 7
A Glimpse into the Future - Brendan Frank, Year 7
Performing Tasks - Brendan Frank, Year 7
Creating Cities - Brendan Frank, Year 7

Highlights of the visit were the tesla coil, which amazed everyone with its powerful possibilities, the electric sports cars and the virtual sustainable city managing.

The Crystal isn’t just there for fun, however. It is designed to educate the up-coming generation about the dangers cities face in the near future, such as global warming, pollution and crime.

All of the Year 7s thoroughly enjoyed the visit, and I’m sure they would recommend the experience to everyone.

Into the Crystal - Brendan Frank, Year 7