Patsy Ferran (Jim Hawkins) and Arthur Darvill (Long John Silver) - Johan Persson, National Theatre

Year 7 finished this term with a visit to see Treasure Island at London's National Theatre. Greeted by a grand, impressive and modern building, we ascended four flights of stairs to a huge auditorium that can hold up to 1,150 people.

The stage was amazing! The show had lots of different scenes, from a pirate ship to swamps and caves, and the stage could rotate and rise up to reveal more rooms, transforming itself into the different locations. The actors also used secret trapdoors to add awesome effects, such as when one pirate blew himself up - and in the smoke, completely disappeared! To add to this there were pyrotechnics, excellent music, and even an animatronic parrot.

The play itself was incredible. The humour was great, from tiny jokes to hilarious moments with various characters' idiotic actions. There were some big sword fights, a storm on the high seas and some tremendous acting and stunts.


All of us in Year 7 definitely enjoyed this evening out to the theatre. I recommend it highly for the years to come.