On the beach

The Boy Friend has just finished its spectacular run of shows and played to large audiences every night. Although there were setbacks, such as a handful of power cuts and a fire drill during the dress rehearsal the incredible cast, crew, band and creative team pulled through and put on a show that everyone involved, and everyone who went to see it, is very proud of. The colourful set, beautiful costumes and superb choreography all helped to make the show the swinging success it was.

Birds of a feather
The art of seduction

Behind the glamour, a lot of hard work went into perfecting all the different aspects of the show. Here are some thoughts from some of the students on their experiences of the musical.

Nathan Leach, Year 11

For me, being involved in any production the school puts on is amazing, but amongst my experiences, taking part in The Boy Friend was hands down the most exciting and fulfilling thing I've ever done for school. During the period of rehearsing, I would be anticipating the next rehearsal and then afterwards I would buzz from all the energy I had somehow found from every corner of my body. It all paid off. Personally, I had the exhausting task of playing three characters throughout the three acts. This was made easy though by the amazing costumes, sourced from all over the country, which helped me and everyone else easily slip into their characters' quirks.

John Slattery, Year 10

As a member of the band, being a part of the musical was an incredible experience unlike any other I’ve had whilst playing an instrument.

The band lounges around

To be but a small cog in something so much bigger was fantastically refreshing, as was the amount of energy and enthusiasm with which the whole process of rehearsal and performance was conducted. It also presented unique challenges, not least of which was trying to keep in time with the tap dancing. Through this change of scene I have learnt much that I can take back to my other musical pursuits.

Callum Dicks, Year 13

Being involved in a Challoner's musical is feeling part of a big thing. From when you first arrive at school, you're told how monumental it is and getting involved is something not to miss out on, and this is very true. I took on the role of stage manager as it's a role that will benefit what I want to go on to do. That again is the beauty of Challoner's productions; whether you act, dance, sing, play an instrument or prefer the technical aspects there is a position for you, and you feel as included as any of the other sections. The Boy Friend is a good, friendly, happy musical, and a great ensemble piece that had people belting out the numbers from the wings as well as on stage.

Old geezer
All together now
Comforting Pierette
A little thing called the boyfriend
Imagining the future
Singing about love
Waiting for a friend
Ensemble cast
Englishmen together
Jazz hands
Can you see it
Slow dancing
Lucky catch

The show could not have even been imagined without the huge talents of all the staff involved, most notably Mrs Pearmain, producer, and Mr Flower, director, but also countless other teachers who all played their part.

So, it’s now all over for another couple of years. Well, the musical is, but school drama still thrives – we have the summer play coming up soon, as well as A Level and GCSE Drama pieces after Easter. As William Shakespeare famously said, ‘the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players’.

The last dance