A cafe in Spain - Jonny Carr, Year 9

The sixth outing of the Spanish exchange to Murcia, this relatively new visit did not disappoint. On the first day the students and staff were already up and rolling at the early hour of 3:50am. Despite this early start the day was a triumph with everything going to plan except the weather in Spain, which was unfortunately wet. Every new day brought a new adventure, from a long day trip to Valencia, where we were given a fantastic tour of the Valencia FC stadium, to Cartagena, where Mr Walter was treated to a new 'captain' hat and everyone was able to view the interesting features of the Cartagena holy day robes. There were also some great more local trips in the incredible sun of Murcia where we were able to get a fantastic taste of the Spanish culture.

The old and the new - Jonny Carr, Year 9
Outside La Flota - Jonny Carr, Year 9
It is going swimmingly - Jonny Carr, Year 9
In a coliseum
Outside Valencia FC stadium - Jonny Carr, Year 9
Meeting in the Asemblea Regional
A splash of colour - Jonny Carr, Year 9
In the kitchen
Inside Valencia FC stadium - Jonny Carr, Year 9
Teatro de Romea - Jonny Carr, Year 9
Talking in the Asemblea Regional - Jonny Carr, Year 9

It was only three weeks after we left that the Spanish exchanges arrived in England, and for many of them it was their first time ever abroad. On the day after their arrival, students from both countries went on a hugely enjoyable day trip to Cambridge where we were able to explore the fabulous university and even went on a punting trip. The weekend passed in a blur and before we knew it we were back in school whilst the Spaniards visited London. On Tuesday, we all attended a great farewell dinner at Pizza Express in Amersham before a sad, and in some cases tearful, final goodbye on Wednesday morning.

The Spanish exchange was a huge success with all those lucky enough to be involved having a fantastic trip and, on behalf of the students, I would like to thank the DCGS teachers and everyone at IES La Flota for a brilliant exchange.

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