Going into this highly anticipated House Swimming event, with the house standings all very close, every house knew that they would have to come up with something big to move up the overall rankings. The changing rooms were buzzing with the senior swimmers all excited to get out there and do their house proud.

Senior swimmers, Year 9 and 10, came out first looking fierce and eager, despite the sweltering heat. The warm-up began and you could see the relief from them when they jumped in cool water and started swimming up and down the length of the pool.

Year 10s were on the block first with the Year 7s and 8s watching down from the stands intensely; maybe because they were jealous that they had to stay in their school uniform for another hour. The bar was set high by the seniors with everyone putting their absolute all into each race that came.

Up next was the House Captain race and to say that Newman looked good in the bright red speedos would be an understatement. However, this wass a swimming race and fashion show. Pearson looked strong with Josh Roberts for Pearson touching first with Thorne and Newman close on their tail. At the touch, Thorne won with Pearson coming in close at second place.

Now it was time for the junior years to show the seniors and House Captains how it was done. After seeing what they had to live up to, you could see the nerves however they were helped by the brilliant House Captains and their deputies who turned those shakes into energy and a want to win attitude; this definitely showed in the pool as the competition was tight.

At the end of the gala, it was Newman that came out top in the senior races with Pearson being pipped by a mere two points. Jack Simpson went up to collect the shield, from Mr Ambrose, in his very flattering speedos. For the juniors it was even closer with Thorne coming in second with 50 points and Pearson winning with 51. A big thank you to the teachers for organising the gala and a thank you to the House Captain team for all the support given to the swimmers. Also well done to all the swimmers involved, and congratulations to Newman and Pearson on their triumph.