Year 10 playing an important point

House badminton gave us a thrilling series of evenings. Every night different year groups gathered in the sports hall to take each other on in an energetic game of badminton. ‘The atmosphere was electric’ one student said, and many battles were won, but also lost. Every house and year showed great skill and teamwork, but there were some notable performances, such as Newman in Year 9, who blasted their way through the competition unbeaten. Other notable performances were Pearson and Rayner in Year 7 who were both unbeaten on the first half of the event but, unfortunately, Pearson came undone in the semi-finals.

Year 7 in a tense rally
Year 10 in a tense rally
Year 7 planning tactics
Year 7 in a tense rally
Year 10 about to serve
Year 7 badminton players