In the museum - Anish Rajani, Year 10

Starting the new half term in style, Year 10 Business Studies students travelled down to the Mini factory in Oxford to enrich their learning of their new topic; Operations and Management.

Split into three groups, we went off in different directions to watch work taking place in the body shop and on the assembly line. Our guides taught us about the different production techniques and styles large companies like Mini use such as mass customisation. Fascinated by automated robots, students gazed through their safety goggles at this impressive sight, disappointed that we could not take pictures of the spectacle.e

Slowly we weaved our way through the production lines, watching each seat, bolt and door being carefully placed onto the body of an evolving Mini Cooper. As the robots rapidly proceeded through the process, sparks flew around and more amazed faces shone through safety goggles. Due to the amount of fun we had, we were shocked by how quickly time went and discovered later that it was the middle of the afternoon. The last stop was the museum and shop where we could soak in what we had seen and discover more interesting facts about how the Mini had been developed. Also in the museum were some of the most bizarre designs, which caught most students' attention.t

Overall, the trip was an excellent and enjoyable opportunity in which we broadened our knowledge of Operations and Management. I’m sure all Business Studies students would love to do a similar trip again!

Group shot