The hand dealt - Rohan Montgomery, Year 11
Addressing the government - Rohan Montgomery, Year 11

As the end of term approached, so did the run of one of Challoners’ major productions: the Summer Play. This year’s play was called Hidden and, in the fact it was written by students, it’s unique.

Hidden is loosely based on the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, hence the name of the protagonist: aspirational young politician Ben Jekyll. After winning a seat in Parliament, Ben leaves his friends behind to challenge the ‘spineless’ politicians in the House of Commons. He stands up for what is right, and argues back with those who are only interested in their own selfish ends. This earns him many enemies within the House, most notably Caleb Smalling MP.

It is then that he meets the mysterious Jude, who tempts him into gambling, cheating and ultimately the taking of illegal substances. When one of the leading politicians is killed, Ben finds himself lost, afraid and accused. Overall, it is a story of redemption and forgiveness, with enough tension to keep you on the edge of your seat.


Illicit gambling - Rohan Montgomery, Year 11

The play was written by Louis Williams in Year 11, with support and additional material from Mr Millar. Well received on all three nights, Hidden bodes well for producing Challoner's original pieces in the future.

Thanks must go to all those that contributed to the writing of the play, those who showed their support by attending one of the three performances, and to Mr Millar, Edward Robertson in Year 12, and Louis Williams and Rohan Montgomery in Year 11 for producing and directing the performance.