Student leadership

Since the decision in 1962 was made to have two separate Challoner’s schools for boys and girls, it has been a struggle to think of methods to link to each other through activities and clubs, which would be fun and enjoyable for students of both schools. However, a recent trip to the GE Healthcare global headquarters, Pollards Wood, in Little Chalfont, conducted by Dr Mark Pegg, was the first of hopefully many exciting connections between the two schools' senior student bodies.

Coming up with a plan

The day began with team building exercises, where the ice was broken and any awkward tensions were washed away whilst the teams were herding each other into pens and going to extreme efforts to not break eggs. Once friendships had been formed and antics shared, an open forum was chaired by School Captain Zach Stott and Head Girl Jemima Lomax, to share thoughts on how the schools could integrate better. Following on from the forum the different members of each senior student body teamed up with the corresponding official from the opposite school and ideas and proposals began to flow.

The real business started after lunch, where each team was assigned the task of developing some actual events to bring us all together. The initial idea generation stage threw in many eccentric ideas such as a tunnel between the schools and even more bizarre was the suggestion of giving every Challoner’s student a pig! These were sadly cast out in the refining stage and a suggestion from each group was pitched to the rest. We discussed more joint trips, more societies that students from both schools could partake in, and a joint light-hearted sports day.

The day was enjoyable and eye-opening and the benefits were clear for all to see as everyone taking part became enthusiastic about their idea and wanted it to be put into action. If these proposals are accepted, adjusted and put into action, exciting times lie ahead for both of the Challoner’s schools.