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DCGS’ homegrown radio drama series, created, produced by and starring members of our Sixth Form, has returned for a second series. Four episodes, and a short minisode to introduce the series, have been released since September. In the same vein as the first series each episode is an engrossing standalone drama and is often dark and twisted in nature. The series is written and directed by Joshua Robey, with Zach Yarrow providing an original score for each episode.

The recently released festive specials are no less horrifying than usual, with this year’s Christmas episode, ‘Snowfall’ being led by Lorna McGregor-Smith and Zach Yarrow. They play a now-separated couple who, having booked a holiday too far in advance, find themselves spending an awkward Christmas together in the snowy peaks of rural Scotland - whilst something lurks in the blizzard. Set in the final few minutes of 1962, ‘Dead Line’ the New Year special, is a homage to Lucille Fletcher’s classic radio play Sorry Wrong Number. The episode stars Caitlin Frank as a young woman who tries to alert the police to the danger she believes herself to be in, convinced her husband is planning to murder her.

Please note - contains some strong language.

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The highlight of this series so far may be the opening episode, ‘Pandora’s Box’, led by Chris Murrin and Adam Bosher. A puzzling locked-room murder mystery told through the conversation of two old friends, the story has gripping characters and an ingenious solution. Episode two, ‘Insomniac’, takes the form of a fifteen minute internal monologue, Laura Webster plays a woman attempting to drift off to sleep.

Audio: https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/376972505&color=2358A3&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=false

Coming up over the next few months are three more twisted mysteries. ‘Little Star’ tells the story of Hannah and Nick, who are trying to protect and keep their family together against the odds. ‘Flowers in the Rain’, set on a pirate radio ship in the English channel, on the evening before BBC Radio 1 launched, tells three simultaneous, interwoven narratives in different parts of the boat as the crew come to terms with their uncertain futures. The series concludes later in the year with ‘Swansong’.

The series continues with ‘Little Star’ in February.

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