As the crowds went silent and the lights dimmed, the scene was set for the inter school University Challenge 2018; Dr Challoner’s Grammar School versus Dr Challoner’s High School.

In the first round, with contestants from Years 7 to 9, DCGS started out in blistering form with Rory Mills, a star of the team, answering 5 consecutive starter questions and a multitude of bonus questions, taking DCGS to an unprecedented 100 - 0 lead. In response, DCHS mounted a comeback, answering two starters in a row, but Rory and his fellow students proved too strong and delivered a 185 - 85 victory.

Then it was the turn of the Year 10s and 11s to try to build on the success of the younger students. They started more slowly, with the High School taking an early 55 - 15 lead, but DCGS did not give up. In the Challoner’s way, they persevered and fought back to tie the round at 130 all. Then, Peter Lilley, who had been exceptional in the DCGS House Competition, once again proved the extent of his wide-ranging knowledge to lead the boy's school to a 185 - 145 victory.

With strong audience support, the Sixth Form competition promised to be an entertaining round. It was neck and neck all the way through, with flashes of brilliance coming from both teams. The DCGS Sixth Form team showed their awesome general knowledge - but for every question the boys answered correctly, the girls responded with another correct answer. When the buzzer sounded for the end of the round, it was tied at 115 - 115. The reputation and bragging rights for both groups of students were on the line. The first decider question left everybody confounded, but Joshua Robey came through and correctly answered the second question to give DCGS a narrow victory in the Sixth Form match.

With DCGS looking strong favourites for the overall competition, it was time for the teachers to take up the baton and win the University Challenge event. The team had depth and breadth: Mr Atkinson (Geography), Mr Deakin (Philosophy and Religious Studies), Dr Richards (Chemistry) and Mr Bush (Geography). However, the High School team was very strong and moved into a 150 to 40 point lead. A tenacious performance from the DCGS teachers meant that, over all four teams, the final score was 645 - 610 in favour of DCGS.

Congratulations to Rory, Rory, Charlie and Felix (Years 7 to 9), Stepan, Tom, Peter and Ben (Years 10 to 11) and Amri, Josh, Tiffany and George (Sixth Form) and to all the staff involved in making this event such a memorable occasion. A big thank you to Joe Turrell, Deputy School Captain, who organised the House Competition and helped to run the event, and a special mention for Oliver Hardman, School Captain, and Shannon Jarrett, Head Girl at DCHS, who hosted the evening.