The Cologne trip, in my opinion, has been the highlight of Year 8 so far. The city is very diverse and interesting - even the 11 hour journey with help from some DVDs and chatting with friends. Once we got to Cologne, we were sorted into rooms and then went sightseeing for a few hours.

Looking round Cologne

Early next morning, with a busy day ahead, we got the tram into the city centre and had a tour of the area surrounding the cathedral. We learnt a lot and saw just as much - a very interesting experience.

After that, we had a few hours' free time in the city to get lunch and buy souvenirs. I bought a postcard to send home, a Bratwurst (a big German hot dog) and some Cologne slippers. The food was delicious and as we wandered around the city with our friends we got the opportunity to practise some of our German skills.

Later in the day, we went up the cathedral (532 steps in case you were wondering) to see the view, which was stunning. The cathedral is the highest building in Cologne by far, and everything else appears minuscule.

Inside the Lindt factory

We then walked from the cathedral to the sports museum, where we learnt about all things sporty, and then onto the Lindt factory to learn all things chocolatey. A gift shop in a Lindt factory will always be amazing!

Cologne at night

On Sunday, after a relaxing start to the day, writing postcards, playing cards and generally unwinding, we set off for the ice hockey. It was brilliant. The ice hockey was fast paced, violent and engaging too. One person broke their hockey stick and a fight even broke out. Later on, the mascot of the home team (a giant shark) did backflips and other dance moves on the ice, without skates on! The home side won 3-2 and the overall atmosphere was great. It was the best game of sports I have ever seen.

Our trip ended on Monday with a lunch stop at Bruges from where, unfortunately, we had to head back home after an amazing trip. Thank you to all teachers involved.