Homecoming - Trafalgar Studios

Last Wednesday, a mighty troupe of seven A Level Theatre Studies students embarked on their first theatre visit of the year, to see the encapsulating revival of The Homecoming. The play, written by Harold Pinter and directed by Jamie Lloyd, was one which only the Year 12 students had studied, leaving the Year 13s in the dark about what to expect.

As we entered the theatre, the first sight which struck us was the intriguing set: large poles of red scaffolding filled the stage, which, when juxtaposed with the blood-red stage floor, created a dazzling geometric design in the form of a makeshift trapezium. The width of the stage decreased with its depth - drawing the eyes to a wooden door; a very modern interpretation and one which was highly effective. The remainder of the stage was considerably minimalistic, only a single armchair, wooden stool, wooden chair, and drinks cabinet occupied the space.

With blinding lights and extremely well-thought out design of the sound system, Lloyd lead us through the plot as we learned about the dark history and wrongdoings of the characters, before a culmination of a shocking turn of events. The end result was a complex and powerful piece.

A tense moment - Trafalgar Studios

Following a series of top reviews, there had been great excitement amongst the group. Thankfully, we were not disappointed and after a tense two hours, we left the Trafalgar Square Studio with no qualms about the critics' reviews.

The day ended with a quick dash to Marylebone to catch the train to get back to school, where we would continue to discuss our opinions and interpretations of the play, hurriedly compiling scribbled notes for us to use in our final written evaluation.

A very strong start to DCGS Theatre Studies 2016 calendar of plays!