Their fingers eagerly poised over their buzzers, the House University Challenge teams faced a broad selection of questions from the charismatic School Captain team, ranging from, 'What is the singular of bacteria?' to, 'How many sides does an icosagon have?' These teams were assembled by House Captains and Deputy House Captains over the preceding weeks, before finally doing battle in the Hall and Drama Studio. All three Pearson teams qualified for the final where they were joined by the Sixth Form Holman team and the two remaining Newman teams.

Noooooooooooo! - Max Hubbard, Year 12
<em>Conference maketh a ready man</em> - Max Hubbard, Year 12

Finally, the top two teams from each part of the school took to their seats for one last time in a valient attempt to win the competition. While Holman took the Sixth Form crown, Newman gave a formidable performance, winning both the middle and lower school matches against Pearson100-85 and 115-45. Outstanding participants include Niall Jones on the winning Sixth Form team and John Slattery on the winning middle school team.