What if! - Will Piper, Year 10

The arrival of the New Year meant only one thing – Dr Challoner's annual speaking contest had returned. The task this year was an open one, plenty to talk about and a chance to dive into our imagination. We were asked to imagine a different world, by asking ourselves a ‘What if...?’ question. Speeches were about a variety of things, such as ‘What if children ruled the world?’ or ‘What if superheroes were real?’ and even ideas as bonkers as, ‘What would you do if you could see a man’s pants?’ As always, the standard was phenomenal and a great experience for people as public speakers and as the audience members.

Eventually, it was narrowed down to the top six speakers per year. The finals took place in Q13 and were in the last week of January. Tension was high, and with House points up for grabs, all the finalists were determined to claim victory for their Houses. After a fantastic display from all of the finalists, the winners were Drew Cordiner of Rayner in Year 7, Jack Webb of Rayner in Year 8, Kit Haworth of Pearson in Year 9, and finally Josh Jones of Holman in Year 10.

Year 7 finalists - Will Piper, Year 10

Yet again, Challoner’s Speaks was a great success and congratulations to the worthy winners, and a massive thanks to the English Department for organising the event. Please enjoy the finalists’ speeches below.

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