Asking the questions
30 point lead - Anish Rajani, Year 10

House University Challenge returned last week with all Houses lavishing the opportunity to pick up some more all important points. The lower school years were split into two competitions, Years 7 and 8 took part in the junior competition whilst the senior competition comprised of students in Years 9, 10 and 11.

In the Junior rounds Thorne were by far the dominant house, with clear victories against Pearson and Rayner by over 150 points. Barnaby Flower and Fraser Barnes both performed especially well, with the latter often answering questions before they had finished being read out! Despite having a shaky start in the final, Thorne continued their winning streak to take 1st place.

However in the Senior stages the competition was much closer with Newman and Pearson qualifying from their heats to meet in the final round. The teams were very evenly matched and the match ended in a draw - but it took some rapid buzzing from Newman to successfully answer the tiebreak question and secure their victory.

Tom Player featured as the 'Jeremy Paxman' of Challoner's and encountered a very humerous moment as the scoring machine broke midway through the Junior rounds. As a result students were required to slam their hands on the desks instead of buzzing in, leading to a lot of sore hands and a very confused quizmaster!

All in all it was a fantastic competition which really showcased the true general knowledge potential of some of the students in the lower school.