On Wednesday evening, various Year 12 students filled the hall with their exciting presentations as part of their Extended Project Qualifications. The presentations were the culmination of six months’ hard work put in by the students, in their weekly EPQ lessons as well as in their own time at home, and were focused around a title which the students came up with themselves. With presentations ranging from the making of a soap box go-kart by Sam Webb, to a guitar pedal circuit made by Henry Le Grys, as well as research into cures for dementia by Harriet Powell, the students dedicated their efforts to a wide range of projects showing the diversity in interests of the Year 12 group.

The event itself was highly successful with parents and other students being there, all interested to see what everyone had done. Although a few students might have been a bit nervous, as the presentations got underway and the boys and girls gained confidence, it was great to see teachers and students enthusiastically discussing topics which the pupils were passionate about. Jessica Slater summed up the evening saying: ‘As well as having the opportunity to present a topic which I was really interested in, it was great to see what the other students have been researching and the creative ways in which they chose to showcase these projects.’

As well as working on their final presentations, the students created a product for 40% of their overall grade, which could be anything from a 5000 word essay, to a website or a film. By doing this, as well as their presentation, the students were able to develop their independent research skills- something which will be particularly useful at university. Overall, the students have found the experience rewarding and enjoyed the opportunity to study something outside of their school subjects. This was summed up by Vivek Gulati who said: ‘The opportunity to study a topic unrelated to my subjects was really enjoyable and helped me develop my interests outside of my A levels.’