For Year 7 the day began with a great start featuring a powerful presentation from Mrs Pearmain on the martyrs of Amersham. Each form then split off for various activities based on the concept of 'Challoner's Past, Present and Future'. In 7 Pearson we began with games and exercises that practised our questioning skills, before learning about some of the history of the school with a talk by Mrs Atkinson and a tour of a museum of archived school materials with Mrs Sealy.

Our third activity had us join up with 7 Rayner. Miss Kremer taught us more about the concept of 'Learning @ Challoner's', and she give Mr Burn and Mr Savvides the task of trying to rescue a Twix bar from under a box using only string, two tennis balls, four plastic cups and two hollow poles, while we assessed the learning habits they were using. The Maths duo succeeded, and some of us had the opportunity to try the challenge as well - discovering then how easy they had made it look!

Year 7 hunting for answers

The afternoon started an exhilarating scavenger hunt around the school, and ended with us preparing and delivering one-minute speeches about what we thought would happen to school life in 20, 50 and 100 years. Overall this was a great first enrichment day for us all.

The Commonwealth was the topic for the Year 8 Enrichment Day. The day commenced with an introduction to the Commonwealth by Mrs Renyard, with all the interesting facts and figures. Afterwards, there was a geography lesson on the Commonwealth in which we had a small quiz and learnt about the distribution of the countries. We then researched a Commonwealth country of our choice and produced an advert encouraging tourism in our country - which proved to be great fun for everyone to watch. We followed this with a History lesson, in which we were taught all about the forming of the Commonwealth - its roots, how countries gained independence and what could happen in the future.

A lunch break (with Commonwealth-themed food) followed, and then the highly anticipated main event: the Commonwealth Games. Activities included football, darts, mini golf, table tennis, a quiz and boules, and after a tense penalty shoot-out in the football, Thorne won the overall competition, with Pearson, Holman and Newman in joint second, followed by Foxell and then Rayner. Thanks are owed to the Humanities team for organising this fantastic day.

Year 9's day was entitled 'Wise Up', and we spent the day in five mixed groups rotating through activities on a number of topics, from stress management to internet safety. One of the most popular activities of the day was the street dance workshop. In this each of the groups learnt a street dance routine and at the end had a 'New York Break' style dance-off.

A step to the left
A step to the right

The internet safety workshop was extremely informative and showed us how to protect ourselves from the dangers of the internet. Although there was the inevitable initial awkwardness of some sessions, all the boys took away a huge amount of valuable information and advice.

Drill instructor
Dog training - Will Piper, Year 10

In Year 10 the day started with a talk from the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. From Apache attack helicopters to Challenger tanks, these engineers do a vital job by ensuring that everything is fit and working before used in action. This was followed by a member of the Royal Veterinary Corps telling (and showing thanks to Gracie the Labrador) us what dogs do to support our army and who is responsible for ensuring they are fit and healthy.

Another highlight of the day was a talk on Afghanistan by a medic who served until 2009. The talk covered both sides of the debate about Afghanistan and was engaging and interactive. The soldier accepted that not all decisions the British Army made were the right ones and also shared his personal experiences with us. There were many questions at the end which enabled us to find out more about the conflict, and it certainly gave us food for thought.

The day involved both physical exercises and more thought-provoking activities which taught us values about teamwork and perseverance. Thanks go to the inspirational servicemen and women who gave up their own time to run the day for us.

Presenting the solution

This Enrichment Day Year 11 took a trip to Adams Park, the Wycombe Wanderers stadium, where we were tasked with helping out the Wycombe Wanderers' Sport and Education Team. Their job is to help connect to the local community and promote the Youth Development Team. We were given the challenge of finding the social problems that plagued certain areas of High Wycombe, and then had to figure out ways to raise the community aspect of the club and help the community at the same time.

The culmination of our work was a presentation that we gave to a panel of teachers and businessmen and women. From this, six groups went through to a final where they battled it out with their ideas to determine the best thing for the club. A representative from the Sport and Education team talked to everyone and took on board some of our ideas. It was a great day that gave all of us valuable skills for later life.

Year 12 spent the day completing the 'London Challenge'. This was a scavenger hunt around London, with points scored for such things as taking photographs of Wren churches or answering questions from information in the Science Museum. The challenge was also an inter-div competition, with each div split into four groups and the highest-scoring div getting a prize.

On the move in London - Jonny Rogers, Year 12

Most of the tasks had been explained to us two weeks in advance, so that we had plenty of time to plan our routes and know where we were going. There were also some further tasks given to us on the day and so we needed to factor in how these extra points could be gained whilst on the move. The day was hugely enjoyable and now we just wait to find how many points each div has scored.

After another busy, diverse and very successful day, we would like to give a massive thank you to Mrs Baker for organising all the activities so splendidly, as well as all the other staff who allowed the day to run smoothly.