House Maths is always hotly contested, and this year it was no different. The teams were called into T32 by Mr Burn and received an explanation as to how the competition would work: we were told to expect a challenge! The first hurdle was a quick-fire questions round, involving teamwork and individual skill. The relay round proved difficult, relying on the whole team to work quickly and accurately to gain maximum points.

On top of this came the poster round. Each team had to design and produce a poster from a range of mathematical concepts, including platonic solids and the theory of infinity. The winning posters were detailed, creative and presented in a variety of ways.

After collating the scores from the question and poster rounds, the results are as follows: in KS3 Pearson triumphed, followed by Rayner and Holman; in KS4 Pearson came out on top again, with Holman beating Rayner to second place. Pearson failed to steal all the glory however, because in KS5 Rayner and Holman were on the podium again, with Rayner taking the metaphorical gold medal, Holman the silver and Foxell the bronze. Congratulations to everyone who participated and a big thank you to Mr Burn for organising the competition.