Last Thursday, students in Culture Club travelled to Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London, to see the ballet Cinderella. Choreographed by Matthew Bourne, it was set during the Second World War, giving many interesting twists on the original fairy tale.

Meeting Darcey Bussell

The ballet consisted of three acts. The first was very fast paced, initially making it slightly confusing for us to understand. However, it was helpful that we all knew the basic tale of the story and by the first interval, we were all eagerly discussing what had happened so far. At this point some of us with particularly good eyesight managed to also spot that Darcey Bussell, a previous judge on Strictly Come Dancing, was sitting a few rows in front of us - a photo opportunity that some couldn’t miss!

The second act was my favourite. It told of Cinderella's dream of spending the rest of her life with Prince Charming. In this act, Bourne really showcased the incredible skill of the dancers. The staging was also superb, with the creation of a life-like Tube station and a seaside theme all within minutes of each other. There were several hilarious sub plots between the other characters which made the ballet even more enjoyable. However, Bourne did not shy away from showing brutality and corruption - with Prince Charming being attacked while trying to find Cinderella.

The final act drew everything together. The orchestral sound track to this was fantastic, really complimenting the joy of the characters in the ballet. A few of us were however slightly confused as it was only at this point that we realised that the entirety of the second act was a dream - which caused much debate on the train home.

On the night there was also a BBC film crew recording the ballet. In case you are interested in seeing it for free, it will be shown at 17:35 on Boxing Day on BBC 2.

Once again it was a brilliant night out and I’d like to thank Ms Ashton for organising the trip.