Rayner in the spotlight - Will Piper, Year 10
Tiny Timovitch - Will Piper, Year 10

This year’s House Drama festival took place on the penultimate week of the autumn term. Participants were given a si mple task: write and perform an adaptation of A Christmas Carol. Performances needed to be suitably seasonal, could be quite comical but had to leave a long-lasting message. Some of the most creative minds in the school were free to exp eriment with a variety of different ideas and themes and it’s safe to say that the results were spectacular. We had a handful of politics-inspired performances, a Christmas Carol-themed quiz show and many modern interpretations of well- known characters.

The event does, of course, play an important part in the House Cup competition and every house was determined to secure the victory. For some though, their efforts just weren’t enough and Newman, Holman and Thorne were knocked out early on. This left space for a particularly close battle between Foxell and Rayner. In the end, Foxell triumphed with their UKIP inspired piece.

We have unfortunately had an issue with the footage of Foxell's performance and are unable to show it to you, but please enjoy Rayner and Pearson's 2nd and 3rd place pieces:

Video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/9dulnQT6eFg

Video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/XsqMmdcBxtU