The prevailing schools shutdown has given our journalist team some time to explore the school’s history, and we have been excited to uncover that DCGS has a strong historical association with the dark arts.

Amersham has a long and proud history of witchcraft, and although this association ended publicly with the burning of the Amersham Martyrs, the witches of Amersham have continued to influence the affairs of the town. We have discovered documents from the school's founding showing that these witches were allowed to sit as the original board of governors, in exchange for ensuring the town a good harvest.

Today, it is still possible to see the results of the school’s occult origins: from the 666 steps in the tower block, to our exam results, to the way the modern school site is arranged to form the symbol of Baphomet, the Sabbatic Goat of the Inferno; there are numerous tell-tale signs of witchcraft for those who know where to look.

Headmaster David Atkinson has been quick to embrace the school’s rediscovered heritage, saying ‘This is an excellent opportunity to expand our unique and diverse curriculum. From drawing hexagrammic sigils in Art to practising cabalistic summoning dances in PE, we believe every subject can be modified to reflect our culture. And even in this time of austerity, many aspects of the diabolic can be incorporated into lessons at little additional cost − for example, by combining animal sacrifice with dissection lessons in Biology.’

The school is now recruiting for a teacher to lead Charms and Potions classes from September. If you are interested in applying for the position, please complete the application form here.